15 Wedding (and Reception) Decorating Ideas You’ll Want to Check Out

Every bride has her own unique idea of the perfect wedding. For some, it’s a simple event. For others it’s an extravagant display of love.

Depending on where you get married and have your reception, many of the basic items you need for your event may come packaged with the venue. If so, your budget thanks you.

You may still want to supplement the decorations with personal choices that reflect your own style. Some of the items you may want to rent or purchase include:

  • Photos or canvas art: Photos can create the perfect background for your wedding ceremony or reception (and it’s another reason to get engagement photos). One bride and groom printed pictures out and put them on tables as conversation-starters at the reception. Be creative and use art to help decorate your wedding day events.
  • Aisle runner: Brides choose aisle runners for different reasons. Some do it for functional reasons – they want to keep their long white dress train clean or don’t like the color of carpet in the chapel. Others have always imagined walking down the aisle on a bed of roses (that often looks best on a white aisle runner). Either way, an aisle runner can add a personal touch to your ceremony location.
  • Bows: These flexible decorations can do double-duty at your wedding and reception. Use bows on the ends of each aisle (or every other aisle) at your wedding, and then move them to your reception for added interest and color.
  • Floral topiaries: Flowers are often the perfect decorations. They can be ordered in almost any color and used to complement aisle bows and runners, draped over candelabras, placed on gift tables, and used at your wedding reception. DIY savvy brides also know that you can order flowers in bulk and make your own decorations, creating unique decorations that save you money!
  • Decorative columns: Some wedding and reception venues just demand decorations that make a statement. By adding columns (and often a canopy to accompany them), you can create a distinctive look that reflects your own unique style.
  • Canopy: Traditionally created using flowing fabrics or lace, a canopy is draped on columns or some other stand to create ambiance. White is the most common color for a canopy, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of color that ties into your wedding theme.
  • Backdrop fabric: Today brides have more choices than ever when it comes to setting the stage for a wedding or reception. Did you know that brides can order a lighted backdrop that comes with a stand and fabric? There are amazing options out there, so keep take a look at the different choices you have.
  • Candelabras: Candles are a great way to decorate your wedding location, and candelabras add depth and height to your event decorations. Many religious locations have candelabras, but you may not like the brass finish. When you are looking at locations, see what is provided and then decide if you want to rent or buy different candelabras to create the wedding atmosphere you are going for.
  • Unity candles: If you are looking for a unity candle, there are a lot of choices out there. Some candles come in a set of three, while others are a single candle that the bride and groom light together.
  • Lights: Like in your home, lighting is very important. Whether you want to have luminarias light the way between your evening wedding and reception, or have soft lights hanging down on your reception – use lighting to decorate (and set the mood for) your events.
  • Table centerpieces: Decorating the tables at your reception can be a lot of fun. If you have a destination wedding, you might create centerpieces that fit with your theme. A nice DIY centerpiece can be made with colorful crystals or marbles and a simple bowl filled with water. Flowers or wine are other options that add color and interest to your table. Also, if you are ordering party favors for your wedding guests, consider how those might help decorate the reception tables.
  • Tablecloths: From colorful tablecloths to handmade family heirlooms, don’t overlook the tablecloths at your wedding reception.
  • Chairs: Most locations will provide seating for your events; however, if you are having a DIY wedding at a local park, you may need to create your own seating. Weigh the benefits of renting chairs with the logistics of asking friends and family to bring their own.
  • Chair covers: Even if your event location provides seating, you may want to supplement that with more decorative chair covers. Ribbons, lace, fabric or flowers can really dress up plain seating.
  • Curtains to cover unwanted views: Even the perfect location might have a couple of unsightly corners you’d rather not see. Drape simple fabric or curtains to keep the focus of your event where you want it – on the celebration!

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