5 Bridal Jewelry Ideas – Something Blue and Something New

Congratulations Ladies-to-Be! Now that you’ve gotten him to commit, your work has only just begun. From the seating charts to guest lists to that old adage “Something old, something new…” you’ve got your work cut out for you. Luckily, we’re pretty sure we can cut the guesswork out of finding something blue and something new with one fell swoop. Read on for a guide to our favorite blue gemstone bridal jewelry.

1. Aquamarine Cascade Earrings

Aquamarine is one of those blue gemstones that comes in a variety of shades and opacity. For brides, we like it best when the stone is fairly translucent with only a hint of blue tone. This works well with any white dress and can match bridesmaids’ baby blue dresses or a Forget-Me-Not bouquet. The cascade design allows for clustering of these petite stones so the color does not go entirely unnoticed. Plus, the linear, feminine style elongates the face and draws attention to bone structure.

2. Apatite and Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Apatite stones are typically a fairly obvious but beautiful blue color. Pair them with a classic white pearl and you have two colors that not only complement each other, they are very traditionally bridal. On an earring, this combination makes the blue extremely subtle; look for a similar setup on a necklace or bracelet if you are hoping to show off the color more obviously.

3. Blue Topaz Lariat Necklace

Blue Topaz is a nearly transparent stone that is typically cut like a diamond to reflect the light on its many surfaces. The blue tone is quite subtle and is therefore a perfect token blue item on a bride. This stone works well with any jewelry, but we love it on a necklace due to its unexpected luster. Lariat necklaces can be tied in a variety of ways, allowing the bride to make it as simple or ornate as she wishes. Punctuated by this gorgeous stone, the lariat is a truly unique, graceful addition to the bride’s ensemble.
Click here for an example of a Blue Topaz Lariat.

4. Blue Chalcedony Bracelet

Chalcedony often has a smokier clarity to it which makes the water-like blue color more pronounced. We therefore suggest you wear it on a bracelet, where the color is more subtle and does not distract so much from the other wedding themes. A bracelet that clusters these stones around the wrist is a really gorgeous way to emphasize your thin wrists and add a small bit of ornate fun to the outfit.
Click here to see examples of Blue Chalcedony Jewelry.

5. Other Blue Gemstones

There are lots of other jewelry stones out there – including some pearls – that come in varying shades of blue. One of our favorites is Tanzanite, which is a rare, stunning stone mined only on a small strip of land in New Zealand. Sapphire is another classic, darker blue stone that really complements darker blue eyes well. Brides who don’t mind strong color will also want to look at jewelry featuring kyanite. This gemstone is often multi-hued and can boast a pewter or grey tone in some cases. For information on customizing your jewelry according to gemstone and metal preferences, visit

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