5 Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Jewelry Ideas

There’s no question that no two brides are created alike. Why, therefore, should the bridesmaids be any different? For those of you who want to dress your bridesmaids in something more modern than pearls, more personal than pendants and more affordable than diamonds, check out these suggestions for 5 unique bridesmaid jewelry styles.

1. Ultra Long and Opera Necklaces

One benefit to selecting interesting jewelry is that it allows for a much simpler (read: more affordable) bridesmaid dress. Long necklaces that extend between 30 and 45 inches are an accessory as versatile as a scarf or belt. They can add color, sparkle or just general flare to any ensemble. For bridal parties where the brides are not wearing the same dresses, the prominence of a long necklace serves as a marker that unites the ladies during the ceremony and afterward. And for those who prefer to use jewelry as a means of variety, long necklaces can be worn in several distinct ways by wrapping twice or tying at mid-points.

2. Cuff Bracelets

These bold designs are classified by a thick cluster of petite gemstones that extends the length of the bracelet from one clasp end to the other. The result is a playful, light-catching, color-strong band. The design is rare for bridesmaids because of its conspicuousness, but as with the long necklaces above, the cuff bracelet can serve the distinct purpose of adding character to an outfit or uniting your flanking ladies. If you find a handmade jewelry boutique, your bridesmaids can each pick a gemstone that matches their style best.

3. Keishi Pearl Cascade Earrings

Okay okay, I know I said no pearls, but this little stone is nothing like what you wore on a string to your grandmother’s birthday party. The keishi pearl is a dimpled, shimmery version of the freshwater pearl and it makes for some of the most interesting – and eye catching – white jewelry out there. I like cascade earrings with the pearls hung from multiple chains at varied lengths (as seen here) because they provide elegance and movement on the dance floor. Purchase your pieces from our custom jewelry boutique and you can choose between silver and gold chains, backing style and earring length.

4. Wedding-Month Gemstone Jewelry

Most of us know what our birthstone is, but why stop there? As shown in this gemstone chart gemstones are rich with folklore, mythological significance and unique history. Shop at a customizable boutique and you can stock your bridesmaid jewelry with gemstones that mean something to you – either because they represent the month you are having your wedding, or because they are thought to guarantee a happy marriage (aquamarine).

5. Raw and Black Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are forever, right? Well, your best girls will love you forever if you opt to customize their jewelry with raw and black diamonds; your wallet won’t hate you either, as these sparkly alternatives are much less expensive than the typical version. Raw diamonds are typically opaque and elicit an antique, earthy look. Black diamonds are one of the purest black stones on the market. The benefit to black is that it looks good on anyone and with anything, so these stones are perfect for everything from the most casual ceremony to a black tie event.

Satria Permadi

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