7 Fun Wedding Ideas

Weddings are meant to be memorable and here are a few fun things that will kick you special day into gear.  

– Have fun with the single ladies and single guys.  Have the single guys embarrass the bride by performing one last dance with her before the groom removes the guarder.  It’s best when the bride is sitting down and the guys dance around her.  Have the groom set some “limits”, it’s always fun to watch the groom squirm a little bit at the idea.  

– Capture a picture of every single guest being funny, formal, goofy, and excited by placing a disposable camera at all the tables.  Have  the master of ceremonies encourage guests to use the entire roll of film and you will be surprised at the results.  You will have more pictures that you can use for blackmail than you ever have had before.  

– Rent a dealer table for black jack or Texas Hold’em and have the proceeds go towards the bride and groom’s honeymoon.

– Have simple games prepared before dinner is served. That way when people wait for their table to be served dinner they can be entertained by trivia.  Have the table that answers the question right be served dinner next.  You will be surprised at how competitive the games will get with good food as an incentive.  Or have a game where the winner is rewarded by a kiss from the bride.  

– Do a music video.  OK… it sounds lame right?  But, have some fun.  Never again will you be dressed up and look as amazing as you will at your waiting.  Take advantage of the situation by having fun with it.  Have your entire wedding party lip sing to your favorite song and have your wedding videographer edit the clips.  You will be amazed at the results and you will have a wedding video that everybody will want to watch.  

– Show some sass in your wedding pictures.  Brides pull your dress up just enough to show some leg, show off your shoes, earrings, and other jewelry.  Raise your flowers above your head, do a jumping picture, run with your flower girls, add action to your pics.  Grooms don’t be afraid to look cool with your groomsmen, break out with the sunglasses, do a walk by past the camera, show some class.  And bride and grooms really kiss… no French kissing though.  Nobody likes those pictures.

– Do a question and answer session with the bride and groom.  Give the bride and groom each a panel with one side that says groom and the other side that says bride. Have the guests submit questions to the master of ceremonies asking questions like, “who is more likely to fall asleep first tonight?”  or “who is going to cook the first dinner?” Guests have a good laugh out of it and you may get to know your new partner just a little better.  

There is so much that goes into a wedding that there is no reason why you shouldn’t have fun that day.  By keeping the reception light and entertaining both you and your guests will have the celebration you deserve.

Satria Permadi

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