7 Great First Date Ideas For Singles

For most singles, first dates are full of expectations in a dating relationship. Whether it started from dating sites or from college parks, cheap date ideas are always welcome. Perhaps your first thought was the ‘deluxe package’ of dinner, drinks, a movie… that is quite nice but there are even more creative date tips and unique date ideas you can explore. Here are some tips to a great date.

1. Be Creative. Spending two and half-hours watching a movie out of a three-hour date is not the best way to know each other. At the same time you do not want to get stuck staring at each other with no topic to discuss. A nice simple lunch or coffee may be a good way to start the day, or a visit to a zoo, an aquarium or an aviary or public gardens. As you think of questions to as your boyfriend, know that there are a wide variety of topics for discussion without dealing with issues like: “What happened to your last relationship?” You could get a well premeditated response that may not reveal much since both of you will try to put up the ‘best’ performance to impress each other. Getting to know the kind of books and magazines that interests your date and the favorite music gives you some personality hints. “Fun” dates like playing miniature golf, bowling or an amusement or theme park is a good idea for first dates, because I think you should do something active. That way, you have things to do that reduce the pressure to talk, and yet opens up plenty of opportunity to talk! In wintertime, skiing, ice skating, darts or driving around and sight seeing can be great fun.

2. Choose your clothing: It is very important on your first date because whether you like it or not, first impressions matter and last long. Wear clothes that make you feel good. New clothes always help – but if they are not new, make sure they’re clean, pressed, and fit well. Being comfortable and presentable is important.

3. Make the other person feel comfortable with nice compliments. Be generous with compliments and mean it! Don’t make compliments that may be easily interpreted as taunts or flattery. Find something nice. If you find it painfully difficult to come up with anything, then you probably shouldn’t have planned a date in the first place. Check-up your love.

4. Be thankful for the date – always, without exception. Good manners and human kindness are never out of vogue. Everyone loves to be appreciated.

5. Be REALLY THERE with your date. Pay attention to your discussions…no wandering eyes. Don’t be pre-occupied in your thoughts or comments with your old relationships, work, environment and other issues.

6. Have a very positive disposition and attitude. Don’t complain on a first date. It is wisdom to be in control your appetite. Be cautious of alcohol as it could take a better part of your minds and spoil the date.

7. Be very attentive and participative in your discussion. Be a good listener and try not to interrupt. Be participative as well. Don’t preoccupy your mind with what your next response would be, or whether your looks are impressive enough. Yes you should be concerned about how to enhance your beauty and get yourself to your much desired sexy shape in record time, using safe well tested and proven rapid weight loss ideas. Focus first on your date.

Great first dates are not always romantic but could be very memorable. Taking photos comes in handy here. These tips are quite helpful not only to have a memorable first date, but also to enhance your natural attraction, dating relationship, lovemaking, and even save your marriage.

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Satria Permadi

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