7 Mother’s Day Ideas For Single Moms in 2010

Single working mothers are often described as “guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life.” Partly because this is not so far from the truth, I believe that as Mother’s Day rolls around, a little extra special recognition is deserved to these modern day wonder women. Whether she’s your own mother, your sister, a friend or your daughter, here are seven ways you can show your love to any special single mom in your life this Mother’s Day:

1. Introduce her! If she’s open to it, set her up on a date. Find appropriate matches on safe dating networks where members can pick out matches for their single friends, and make it happen.

2. Take her out: It’s not enough to suggest you go see the latest Jennifer Aniston flick. She’ll most likely say she’s too busy. You’ve got to take special things into consideration when planning with a single mommy and see where you can assist. For example, there’s scheduling with a babysitter, figuring out what’s for dinner, make sure there are no unfinished school projects. If you can come over an hour early before the show and help out, it may be much appreciated.

3. Pamper her kids: Don’t just babysit, do something special: Offer to take her kids out for a day in the amusement park or to the movies.

4. Make her laugh: Laughter is always appreciated, especially by those who have to figure out daily how to be in six places at once. If you look, there are great free funny ECards you can send that let you add a photo for some very funny results.

5. Get sentimental: This is also the day when you really want to express your appreciation or admiration. It’s nice to take the time to jot down a few words that say what you mean. If you have writer’s block, browse through some of the great Mother’s Day quote sites and that will get the ball rolling.

6. Exercise her: Between work, kids and all the errands, many working moms slack off going to the gym. But that doesn’t mean she won’t go – it means that she needs the motivation. That’s where you come in. Make it a point to call her up and insist that you schedule a work out session soon, even if it’s just a quick walk around the block. Once you’re done and her adrenaline is still kicking, she’ll thank you.

7. Buy her stuff: This is the last, but tried and true way to a working mother’s heart. Clothes, makeup, cleaning service, Mrs. Field’s Cookie baskets, an iPad etc are always appreciated by a woman who’s balancing the budget.

That about wraps up my seven ideas for single working moms this Mother’s Day 2010. Hope you and yours have a great one!

Satria Permadi

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