A Marriage License is Not Always Followed by a Sad Love Story

I usually wonder what happens when a marriage license in form of a marriage certificate is issued to a loving couple. Their love story takes a dramatic turn and becomes sorrowful. When people are dating, there is a lot of endless love and their long term relationship is hoped to be the best. They have a lot of trust in their feelings and that is why they decide to tie the knot. After the honey moon is over, a lot of bad things happen. Couples turn against each other as they question each others true colors. When people are dating, a lot is hidden to win the other party. Enough self control is practiced to avoid portraying a bad image about themselves. Relationship advice is important for people who are courting. Hiding your true characters acts as a serious time bomb.

Nothing remains in the dark for a lifetime. Many people pretend to be close to perfect when dating. They are princes and princesses until after they are honored with marriage license. Things move from best to worst. If enough relationship advice is not given to these newly married couples, they call it quits immediately after honeymoon or even before it ends. Marriage is about tolerance and it requires a lot of understanding and patience. An ideal love story features relationship problems. Do not shy away from small problems. You should be bold enough to overcome problems for a lasting marriage relationship. May be you have never seen your spouse angry and so when it happens you flee. If you show him his anger shakes you, you will be a victim of failed marriage.

To be on the safe side, establish problem solving skills early enough to avoid living in an emotional torture. It feels good to narrate to your grand children about your successful love story. Most young people have a negative attitude towards marriage due to the high level of divorces in our society today. There is no any good marriage to emulate since what they have grown up seeing was a real hell. It is always good to seek relationship advice before overreacting to a relationship problem. It is abnormal for two people living together to live without colliding. Disagreements do not mean hate. You should look at it as a difference in opinion. A marriage license should make you feel emotionally settled. It legalizes your love affair.

Many are the times a marriage license is perceived as bad news. It is a wrong perception because if you watch carefully, most of the married people are so stable both financially and emotionally. They are successful because they are settled. A love story of a victim of a failed marriage will always discourage you from saying i do. My relationship advice is that, you should be wise enough not to look at the society with a lot skeptics. Do not believe everything you read, otherwise do not read. The world has never been a perfect place. The society consists of failed and successful things so it is up to an individual to choose either to be a failure or a success.

Satria Permadi

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