Backpack Through Europe – 4 Top Strategies For Traveling Cheap

Backpack through Europe for almost nothing. And experience the magic of what this breathtaking continent has to offer. From the plunging coastline of the Amalfi Coast to the majestic cathedrals of Paris. All you need are a few essentials and an adventurous heart.

Find out what to pack, how to get around, and how big your backpack should be. Use these simple strategies to make backpacking through Europe an affordable and unforgettable experience.

1. Backpacking Essentials

  • A valid passport. Most countries in Europe do not require visas if your passport is from the U.S.
  • Buy a Eurail Pass before you go. It affords unlimited travel through 17 countries in Europe. This is indispensable for cheap travel abroad. Buying as you go is much more expensive.
  • Remember to take your ATM and one credit card. Along with customer service numbers in case of loss.
  • Carry as little money as possible. Keep valuables on you inside a money belt. And leave your jewelry at home.
  • Stay away from dark empty streets and stick to large groups. Europe is relatively safe. If you avoid acting like a tourist flashing money around.

2. Packing Tips

  • Pack light. If it does not fit in your backpack, leave it at home. Your backpack should be no more than 45 inches in size. This is the maximum allowed on airplanes as a carryon. Do not check your backpack.
  • Take two or three changes of clothing. Make sure they are an easily washable fabric. So you can give them a quick cleaning at night from you bed and breakfast or hostel.
  • Buy a travel book. So you can map out where you want to go.
  • Buy a cheap watch with an alarm.
  • Take a lock to store your important essentials during the day. Most hostels provide lockers.
  • Pack a journal and digital camera. And document what you see. So you can enjoy those experiences all over again back home. Or transform your passion for traveling into a new career. Others do it all the time. And get paid to travel.

3. Finding Cheap Accommodations
Bed and breakfast inns or hostels are common in Europe and way more affordable than hotels. Hostels are usually located near public transportation. And are normally safe and clean. Most come with free internet access.

The airlines are scrambling for your business. Hold out for the lowest rates. Less people are traveling these days and that is good news for you.

4. Affordable Alternatives
Stay away from the expensive museums and stroll through marketplaces and plazas. The most memorable sights usually involve no admission charge. Walk or rent a bike. You will learn more about the real Europe and save a lot of money.

In Conclusion
Backpack through Europe and make your own memories. It is not just a youthful rite of passage. Stay away from the pricey touristy spots. The most unforgettable sights usually involve no admission charge. Get to know a continent so rich in history you will want to return again and again. With these strategies you can make backpacking through Europe a memorable and affordable experience.

Satria Permadi

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