Becoming a Nurse – Brief Requirements List

For all the prospective medical caregivers, here is a brief list of the basic requirements needed to obtain a nursing degree or certification to get you started. This outline is meant to serve as an overview of what kinds of requirements may be needed to become a health practitioner. Please note that while these requirements listed here are specific to nursing, many are in fact national level exams and accredited courses or degrees.

General Requirements

High school diploma

Associate Degree for Registered Nurses

This is generally a 2 year degree that is considered the “entry level” for the industry. Generally the most schools that award this degree teach you fundamental anatomy, physiology, biology, and foundational nursing skills. In addition to that you will study pharmacology in your first year. Students spend most of their second year getting invaluable experience in clinical actual clinical settings by participating in nursing rotations with university and city hospitals.

Pass the NCLEX-RN exam (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses Exam)

The test will measures the nursing student’s understanding of how to administer quality health care, and the application of social and nursing sciences in a hospital setting or patient care environment.
Pass the TMJE exam (Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination for Registered Nurses)

The test will measure the student’s understanding of the various legal concerns that are associated with being a registered nurse. The Texas Board of Nursing will not issue a permanent RN license until the student passes this important exam. This exam is provided to the nursing student when he or she applies for licensure.

Finally submit your completed application for licensing to the Texas Board of Nursing.

Students must then submit nursing school transcripts and the exam results from the NCLEX-RN and the TMJE exam.

While this list is representative for those wishing to become a nurse, it is indicative of the basic requirements for Texas and the United States as a whole. This list is intended to provide an outline only and serious nursing school students and those wishing to pursue this and related occupations should obtain a much more detailed list of requirements from the prospective nursing schools’ website or the official state medical examination website of the state they are interested in being licensed under.

It is also worth noting that requirements for nursing schools as well as the availability of funding can change on a quarterly basis. You are always advised to check with your state education board for latest requirements.

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