Bridal Gowns: Traditional Indian Wedding Dress

Everyone wants their wedding to be special. Everything from church, food to serve, cakes, vows and even the attire should be special. The wedding dress is one of the most important things that a bride will often fuss about. They would want something that will make them more beautiful for their soon-to-be husband in their special day.

The bride will go to any length just to have the perfect wedding dress for her special day. The wedding is probably the happiest day in every woman’s life. Therefore, weddings should be made special, especially the bride’s dress.

Woman would like to be unique and stand out from the crowd. This is especially true for brides. This is why brides will really make an effort to find a wedding dress that will certainly make her more beautiful and noticeable in the crowd. She wants to be the talk of the town and she wants to show off her dress to her friends.

However, most wedding dress is plain to look at. So now, a lot of wedding gown designers is looking the other way to make the perfect wedding dress for their clients which is both elegant and unique. You might think that this is the new fashion in wedding dress where in fact wedding gown designers are getting traditional dresses from other cultures and making it more beautiful and suitable for weddings.

One example of a wedding dress that will look like a new design is the traditional Indian wedding dress called sari. Sari is a traditional garment worn by women in India.

If you have seen Indian women in your area and you see them wearing a long strip of unstitched cloth that can be as long as five to nine yards in length and can be draped in various style, you may have an idea on what sari looks like.

Saris are great because they can be several or more styles in one dress. There are different styles of drapes where you can choose which one is suitable for your wedding.

In Christian weddings, saris can be color white where it will be very elegant to look at and very stylish. Your guests may even think that it is a new wedding dress style and may want one for their wedding or in different colors for their everyday wear.

Saris can be very expensive depending on the materials and fabrics used for it.

Many designers will often make a traditional Indian wedding dress out of silk. This is because it is light, fresh and very elegant. Some may even put in some designs on the cloth to make it more beautiful.

You can also make your wedding Indian themed where everyone can wear traditional Indian dresses and suits. You can even add an extra touch by putting tika on your forehead. Tika is a traditional Indian symbol colored red and is placed on a woman’s forehead to signify that the woman is married. However today, the tika is no longer followed according to its symbolism. It is now used by many people as beauty accruements.

Whatever your wedding theme is, a traditional Indian wedding dress or sari can really make you stand out from the crowd. Expect that many people will admire you and really marvel at you and your dress and may want one for their own.

Satria Permadi

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