Bridesmaid Jewelry – 5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Party Happy

Everyone knows that accessorized bridesmaids are happy bridesmaids. And happy bridesmaids? Well, they turn out to be the very best kind. So do yourself a favor and choose bridesmaid jewelry your girls will love. Give it to them as a traditional bridesmaid gift. (Many custom jewelry designers even offer discount packages for orders of multiple items.)

1. Choice is Everything

While your girls are likely willing to comply with whatever Bridezilla-esq demands you impose, it never hurts to let them know that you respect their needs, too. So we recommend choosing one item – such as hairstyle – that they can do themselves. That leaves you in control of their necks, wrists and earlobes.

2. Honor Your Made of Honor

The best Maids of Honor are the ones you never notice doing anything – because they take care of all the seating hiccups, annoying relatives and wrinkles in your train while you’re busy enjoying your day. If you think that describes your best lady (or that a great jewelry bribe might show her the light) reinforce how important she is by making her gift a little more special than the rest. Throw in a matching bracelet or earrings; choose a slightly different color or larger gemstone; give her Sterling Silver versus the other maids’ Gold; or pick a design that works especially well with her personal style.

3. Make them Unique

More and more it is common to see bridesmaids wearing varied styles of the same dress. This allows each woman to find a cut that works for her body, leaving her feeling attractive (and thus supportive). So why not do the same with jewelry? Choose a gemstone combination according to color and then have it strung by a custom jeweler in a few different designs. Lariat necklaces work well with V-necks; chokers complement square-cut tops; and multi-layers fall nicely with scoop necks. Or, if you really want to make your bridesmaids feel special, choose the design according to what you know they love best. Nothing spells support like a bridesmaid who feels appreciated.

4. Wearable Jewelry is Favorite Jewelry

The best way to make the memories of your wedding last forever is to choose bridesmaid jewelry that will be worn forever. So keep in mind what your girls typically like to wear – gold or silver? Chunky jewelry or delicate? – when picking out their wedding accessories. Find pieces that are modern and fun, but not so trendy that they will be obsolete a year from now. If ever in doubt, ask yourself “Would I wear this?” If the answer is yes, you’ve got yourself a gift.

5. Make it Personal

Show your appreciation by stressing that this jewelry is a gift. Most custom jewelry shops will offer wrapping for free, but be sure to check beforehand. Take it one step further and write a quick note to each of your girls to say Thank You one more time. Your effort won’t go unreturned.

Satria Permadi

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