Children’s Party Checklist – 7 Tips For Arranging The Perfect Party

Planning parties for children is all about having fun. As an adult we can become too preoccupied with being sensible, but children’s parties are where we can really let loose. A successful children’s party is one where the little ones fall asleep in a heap at the end of the day, and you are right there next to them! Planning the party can however seem overwhelming, but by following a simple party checklist, those feelings can be substituted with the joy and excitement that the party has to offer.

These seven steps will leave you feeling in control and ready to start the planning process.

Theme Party Ideas:

As with any party that you plan, it is a good idea to have a theme, and children’s theme parties are incredibly easy. Your child may have a favourite licensed character or hobby that they would like to incorporate. If they are old enough, just ask them what their preference is and they will give you lots of ideas. You could end up with a Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, Fairy or Pirate party. The options are endless, but once chosen it will set the entire scene for the party and make all the preparations easy from this point forward.

Places to Throw a Party:

The easiest solution for the party venue is to hold it at your home, but if the thoughts of having a lot of children running around your home or garden is incredibly unappealing, you may wish to think of alternatives.

Depending on the weather you could look at going to a local park, or maybe hire a hall. If hiring somewhere, you would need to check on the cost and whether food is provided in the cost or as an extra.

Party Decorations:

Party decorations are easy to do once you have chosen your theme. You may have decided upon a colour or a character, so build all your decorations around that idea. There are many party stores that have a huge range of themed decorations, so take a look and see what will suit your party.

If you are a little bit crafty, you may like to make your own decorations. Home made decorations are a great idea for keeping down the party budget, and can be made to look just as you want them. If you decide to do this, make sure you have it planned out in advance so you are not stressing in the last few days before the party.

The decorations are incredibly exciting, so why not involve your child in picking them out or even helping to make them. It will help their excitement with the lead up to the party and also keep them entertained as they are helping to arrange them on the day.

Party Invitations:

Choose a suitable date and time for the party that is not going to clash with any school camps, or important sporting events. Set the scene of the party with choosing an invitation that meets the theme chosen. As soon as the children receive the invite you want them to be excited to attend, so spend some time getting this right. For children under the age of eight, a two-hour party is generally long enough, so decide on whether a morning or afternoon party is more suitable depending on the events described above.

Birthday Party Food:

Try not to get too serious about the food, and remember that it is a party for children. They don’t need things to be fancy and cost a lot, so relax and have some fun with it. There are plenty of easy party food recipes that are quick and easy to make and friendly on the party budget.

As tempting as it may be to make lots of sweet treats that look gorgeous, try not to overload the children on sugar. Include some healthy snacks and with some creative layouts these will also look appealing to the children. Try to include a range of foods to give the children a good balance.

For the drinks, try not to go overboard with the fizzy drinks as these are full of sugar. Offer some choices of juice and always have lots of water ready. A way to get the water looking attractive is to have a small bottle for each child and personalise it with a water bottle printable. You can bet they will drink their water if it looks like the theme of the party!

If you find the thoughts of catering for the party completely overwhelming, there is the option of hiring a catering company, but again this will depend on the party budget that you have set yourself.

Party Games for Kids:

It is a great idea to have a plan of action when it comes to the party activities. Whilst at first it may seem easy enough to go with the flow, once all your child’s friends arrive and are running about, you will soon wish that you had a schedule of activities. Organised games will ensure that you remain in control and stay as calm as possible for the duration of the party.

There are so many games that you can choose from ranging from pin the tail on the donkey to pass the parcel. All you need to do is Google children’s party games and you will find a huge selection to choose from suitable to the age of your child.

If you feel that arranging party games is not something you are comfortable with, you may decide it is easier to hire some entertainment. This may be in the form of a bouncy castle, face painter or clown. These do ultimately come at a price, so it will depend on your party budget as to whether this is a feasible option for you.

Party Favours:

Party favours are something that we don’t always think of at adults parties, but are common place at children’s parties. These could include anything you want and don’t have to be extravagant. They could include some lollies, bubbles, balloons, and a small toy. You may even wish to include a piece of birthday cake. It is a token gift and something to make the children feel special. There is no need to go overboard and spend a fortune as the children will be just as happy receiving a bag of small cheap items as they would at receiving an expensive toy. Simplicity is the key here! One thing to remember is to make enough for each of the children in attendance, but also have some spares for unexpected guests.

As the party day approaches it is very easy to worry about whether you have planned the day to be special enough and whether you have put in enough effort. Try not to worry, because children enjoy the most simple of things and they don’t need to be showered with gifts and extravagance. If you have ever sat back and watched a child play with a balloon you will know what I mean here. You have created a special children’s party and one that they are going to remember, so don’t beat yourself up about all the things you could or should have done, and enjoy the things that you have done. You have followed the party checklist and you can be confident that everything has been covered. If you enjoy the day, then so will your child!

Satria Permadi

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