Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Florida Divorce or Child Custody Issues

An important fact is to understand that not all attorneys focus their careers on family law and instead spend a majority of their time focusing on legal matters that have absolutely nothing to do with divorce and family law. Florida divorce laws are greatly different from other states and the official term for a divorce in Florida is called “dissolution of marriage.”

Florida is one of the few states that has abolished fault as a ground for divorce. The only legal requirement to dissolve your marriage is you must prove that your marriage exists, one party has been a resident of the state of Florida for 6 or more months following the preceding filing of a court petition to dissolve the marriage, and that the marriage is irretrievably broken. In certain circumstances fault may be considered under certain circumstances that your family attorney can explain to you such as the award of alimony, equitable distribution of marital assets and legal liabilities and the determination of parental rights and responsibilities.

Different kinds of attorneys focus on different areas of law.

When you are facing divorce or other family legal problems it is your best interest to hire an experienced lawyer that specializes only in divorces and family law. Only a few select divorce attorneys have spent their entire careers focusing on family law in which includes complex divorce law and this had led to better than favorable outcomes in family court for their clients. This is the same principle as going to your family doctor when you have a tooth ache, it just does not make sense. Most major cities have thousands of attorneys and only a small percentage actually focus on divorce or family law. Choosing the right attorney is critical to getting the help that you may need with your personal legal issues.

A more favorable outcome requires a divorce specialist and not all attorneys focus on divorce.

When you are facing divorce it is in your best interest to hire an attorney that actually specializes in divorce and family law matters. Do not waste your time and money with an attorney that spreads him/herself to thin by focusing on legal issues that have nothing to do with divorce, such as criminal or automobile accident attorneys. Hiring the right attorney is crucial for the best possible outcome in your divorce case and hiring the wrong attorney can be a huge mistake that later you will most likely regret for the rest of your life.

You want the best outcome in family court for the least amount of money.

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney is crucial to avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary headaches generally associated with hiring the wrong attorney that does not specialize in family and divorce law. Florida divorce law is a highly technical area of law and favorable outcomes require the specialized training, education, and experience of a family law attorney and not just an everyday ordinary attorney.

Florida specific laws that directly apply to child custody and visitation.

Effective of October 1st 2008, the Florida Legislature enacted a new version of Florida statue 61.39, governing child custody in the state of Florida. Gone are the designations of primary, sole custody and rotating custody which have all been replaced what is called the legal term “parenting plan”. If you have children and are facing divorce you will want to ask your attorney about how this new law applies to you and your family.

Family law can be complex.

Hiring an experienced attorney that specializes in family law is critical when protecting the rights of your children. Florida family laws are complex and an experienced divorce attorney knows the most recent laws and how they can affect you and your children’s future. Family laws in Florida differ from other states especially when it comes to child custody laws and a good attorney that specializes in this specific area of law can help you and your children when you are involved in a divorce or family law dispute. This is not a time to cut corners by using an attorney that does not specialize in this highly technical area of law with the wrong attorney that may make devastating mistakes in your divorce case. More so you don’t want to hire an attorney that spreads him or herself to thin by focusing on other areas of law. You want a specialist that can help you and give you personalized attention and you likely won’t find this kind of specialized attention in a huge law firm that caters to all legal problems.

You want to protect your assets and your livelihood.

This is one of the most critical areas of family law and requires precision focus and attention to detail that you will likely not find in attorneys that just dabble in divorce. If you live in Central Florida an experienced Orlando divorce attorney will be able to help protect your assets before, during and after divorce proceedings.

A shoulder to lean on during divorce.

An experienced lawyer does not only provide the proper legal representation during your divorce or family law case but also provides you with emotional support to guide you through the stressful events associated with such personal issues. Many times people going through divorce are going to need an experienced attorney that truly cares about them, to listen to their problems, concerns, and worries and to help them through the emotional process of divorce. Experienced Family law attorneys provide the foundation for their clients to be able to express their anger, sadness, or frustration in a safe and caring manner.

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