Christian Marriages – Continuous Dating and Honeymoon

Every year we are looking for something interesting to be added into our list of leisure. We have many interesting activities in order to feel refresh, joy and happiness. We wish to have something new and interesting. It is very boring if we always maintain the status quo. Some interesting things to do for long time married couples are as suggested below:

a. Go out for dating at least once a month. We should go without the children or the grandchildren. We can go to the beach and spend the night in the chalet. We can enjoy several activities with the two of us for example having BBQ, drinking few glasses of beer or wine.

b. Go out for honey moon to new places if we have enough money. This need early planning where we can save enough money.

During our dating or honey moon there are many things that we can do to renew our marriage relationship:

a. Discuss our future goals. We can discuss where to stay and what to do during old age. Who will take care of us when we are old enough?

b. Renew our marriage relationship. We discuss about our past achievements or failures. We can discuss how to improve our relationship.

However in all our discussions:

a. We must pray first;

b. We must agree not to quarrel or having misunderstanding;

c. In whatever situation we promise to stay calm and to love each other.

After our discussion we should agree to:

a. Improve and make action plans (what, when, where, who and how?);

b. Implement the action plan together;

c. Evaluate the action plan and make the corrective actions together.

In following the above activities our marriage life would be very creative always. It is because we have something interesting to look forward and to for continuous improvement. Therefore as married couples we should do something now. We should go for more dates together and go often for honey moon. It is a good thing to do and to go out to explore more about our marriage life relationship. Creative marriage relationship needs creative thinking to bring lasting joy and happiness being together.

We can make plan now where to go next. May be we can ask our children to help financially. Our children are very happy if they know that we are going for new dates or going away for another honey moon. Our children like their parents to be happy and having good relationship at all times. Both money and times are very much worth for doing healthy activities to bring happy family.

God bless your Christian marriages.

Satria Permadi

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