DIY Wedding Invitations – To DIY or to HAPDI? 4 Questions Every Bride to Be Should Ask

That is the question! (HAPDI is the acronym for Have A Professional Do It.)

DIY wedding invitations allow for maximum creativity, and it can also save a ton of cash! But, there are several important questions to ask yourself before you take on yet another wedding task! Below are the top 4 questions that every bride to be should consider before taking the plunge!

1. Do I have the time to focus on this project and make it as beautiful as I’d like?

Be sure to remember you need to mail your invites out 6 to 8 weeks before your big day, and you’ll want to account for things that take time, including the following:

Design (which I always estimate will take me 40% longer than I think it will!) Ordering specialty papers Ordering specialty stamps (or rubber stamps) Proof reading Corrections Ordering test prints Final printing Addressing envelopes And you’ll want to account for all of the many additional pieces that come along with the words “wedding invitations” including: Bridal Shower invitations Luncheon invites RSVPs Place cards Menus Programs Information pieces (maps, locations, directions, etc) Stamps Thank you cards Any other specialty piece

2. Do I have the resources I need?

If you already have design software, a printer to use for test prints, a few friends to proofread your work and give their opinions (MOH! Fiance!) then you’re in good shape. But if you’re starting from scratch on learning how to design things, you may want to consider an alternate first project! Remember, this is not the time to throw in a learning curve. You have a lot on your plate already!

3. Can I keep this organized, in the midst of all of the other crazy wedding details?

The key to keeping track of everything is to stay organized! You may want to ask yourself if a professional, who already has all of those systems in place, might be worth the extra money? Or if personalization, creativity and budget are more of a priority for you, then opting for a homemade approach or DIY wedding invitations may be the way to go!

4. Most importantly, what says “Us?” (You and your future husband, that is.)

If a handmade card, or a personally designed piece speaks to your relationship, who you are as a couple, or your values, then that is the most important thing of all! Most people would agree that do it yourself wedding invitations made by the bride will outshine any potential mistake or flaw… So, when in doubt, go with your heart!

Have a beautiful wedding!

Satria Permadi

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