Don’t Wait Make Your Bridal Registry Gift List Now

As far as I’m concerned, who ever was the inventor of The Bridal Registry should be given an award. A good friend of mine is getting married in one week, and me… we’ll I’m a procrastinator and had not even thought about what I’d get the blushing bride and her groom (still not too sure about him, just kidding Mary). Pier One Bridal Registry to the rescue. Oh my god, I was amazed, but then I shouldn’t have been my friend Mary was always one up on me, she’d already registered all of her wishes and dreams at the online bridal registry and all I had to do was browse the site. And… for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a net junkie, and if the net is down, I start to get the shakes, so browsing the bridal registry site was PEFECT for me.

FACT: The bridal registry was first launched way back in 1924 by the famous department store Marshall Fields. It’s not wonder, they were accomplishing GREAT customer service; while increasing sales, a win/win for everyone. Target (who was not even a thought in 1924) launched the electronic (I love you Target) in 1993.

Basically, the bridal registry is an easy way to let friends and family know EXACTLY what you need, want and desire. And since you are free to dream and your friends free to browse, it’s a perfect match. They can buy according to their budget, and you can be assured you won’t end up with 15 different kinds of toaster ovens.

It’s fairly easy to register with most any department store, they all have to keep up with the time, and most offer the service for free; hey those retailers aren’t dummies, they know they are simply increasing sales by doing so.

And of course you’re not limited to one; you can use several, each store having their own strengths and weaknesses. Do read the fine print concerning returns, since even with the best intentions, you might find yourself with a wonderful gift that just doesn’t fit your home or lifestyle.

Don’t wait till the last minute (this coming from a prize winning procrastinator), make it about six months prior to your wedding; which is the perfect time frame to GRAB those specials, allow your friends to give gifts for your bridal shower, but not so far out that the store might discontinue a particular item.

Throw caution to the wind with your list, since you won’t get everything; make it your dream list; choose things that you know you need and plan to buy at some point anyway. Of course there are the old standbys; linens, china, silverware, pots and pans (yes, a toaster oven) suitcases, valets, furniture. Making a varied list will give family, friends and guests the opportunity to look and decide on a personal items that fits their pocketbook.

Now then, and listen up, this is important. Remember the movie with Kevin Coster, “Field of Dreams”, they had the memorable piece of dialogue… “if you build it, they will come”. Well believe me, they won’t come to your bridal registry unless you tell them it’s there. Get the word out through friends, email, your bridal website, (hey, shout it from the rooftop).

Now don’t feel guilty about it, you’re merely making a wish list and people will decide for themselves what they can afford and what they want to buy. But this will allow them to shop, knowing you need something and not thinking… “I wonder if Mary would like an antique sugar bowl”.

Satria Permadi

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