Evergreen Appeal of Sarees

India is a huge country known for its diverse geography, varied cultures, multitude of regional languages and local handicrafts, customs and traditions. In such a vibrant melting pot of cultures, it can sometimes be difficult to pin-point representative cultural symbols. From the language to the food, different people from different regions of India will have contradictory opinions on what is exemplary. The one exception to this rule is in the world of clothes where sarees are the clear winner. Despite its size and diversity, India and all its states seem to favor the saree over all other garments. Every region has its own saree drapes, fabrics, designs and patterns. To add to this fascinating variety, designers are every day coming up with beautiful and daring innovations which take the saree to the next level.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this garment is the fact that it is now much easier to purchase them. Thanks to online shopping, women are no longer restrained by geographical limitations when shopping. Today, women can get all types of saris from traditional Kanchipuram sarees to ultra-trendy georgette sarees online with ease. The traditional varieties such as Kanchipuram sarees online are available in a plethora of classic and modern design and color variations. Moreover, most reliable online stores provide a Silk Mark (a guarantee of authenticity from the government of India given to silk products) for their Kanchipuram sarees, which further increases the confidence of the customers who choose to shop there.

While Kanchipuram sarees are undoubtedly the most famous and well known of the traditional garments of India, there are many other varieties such as Banarasi saris, chanderi sarees, chikankari saris, Patola sarees and Paithani sarees which are equally beautiful and unique. Just like Kanchipuram sarees, they were all once only made in a specific region and because of their fine and ornate beauty could only be afforded by royalty. Today the situation is a lot different as they are now mass produced using modern technology which greatly reduces their cost. Rural artisans who produce these stunning garments are also choosing to incorporate more modern designs and patterns to attract a wider customer base.

As for the more modern varieties such as chiffon, crepe, net, tissue and georgette sarees online, trendy and stylish designs are all but guaranteed. Online portals are known to showcase some of the latest styles, fresh of the ramp and thus often end up setting the trends for the upcoming season with the general public. From all the different types of modern fabrics, chiffon and georgette have proven to be the most popular for modern sarees. These chiffon and georgette sarees online can range from plain, elegant garments that can be worn for semi-formal occasions or parties to elaborately embroidered and embellished sarees that would be appropriate for weddings and festivals.

Ultimately, irrespective of the platform through which they are sold, sarees are one of those eternally fashionable garments that simply never go out of style.

Satria Permadi

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