Gingham Ribbon

What is gingham ribbon? It can be a timeless pattern for your home décor. This article will give you a background on this beautiful checkered ribbon.

Gingham is a striped or checked ribbon and fabric design that has been around for the last several hundred years. It’s used in clothing and home items and makes a great accent when used with solid colors.

Though many people believe that gingham is of Italian or Indonesian origin, it is actually derived from the Malay word “gingan” or “gingang” which literally means “stripes in between”. It was in the 17th century that the fabric made its debut in England and was brought to the Americas by the English colonists. In those days, gingham referred to a fabric composed of two different colors in a stripe design. Later, it evolved into check and plaid designs which we associate gingham with today. For a long time, the preferred colors were blue and white which probably influenced some people’s attachment to blue gingham ribbon. The manufacture of gingham fabric influenced the economy of England as well as the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama in America. In the twentieth century, Dan River Mills, an American textile company created a blend of cotton and synthetic fabrics in the gingham design which became enormously popular and was known as DanChecks.

Gingham today is a very simple check design made of white and another color. The most popular ones are blue, red, yellow, pink and lilac though white can be combined with any other color. Gingham check ribbon and fabric is sometimes associated with country and western themes. One often pairs the thought of gingham with food because a lot of table linens, including those in restaurants carry this design. A gingham nursery theme for newborn baby’s is also a popular trend. Any occasion that you decide to have a country theme is enhanced by using plaid ribbon or gingham grosgrain ribbon for accents. Wedding planners can make use of personalized gingham ribbon to make the occasion more meaningful for a couple.

The simple plaid or check design of gingham is reminiscent of summer or spring and it also imparts cheer and happiness. Those who want an English garden theme often use green gingham tablecloths topped with an arrangement of roses and peony to get the desired effect. Blue gingham ribbon or red or pink are nice touches to tie around wedding favors. Of course, this depends on the color of your motif. Tied around napkin rings, bows on backs of guest’s chairs or a whimsical accent on your bouquet, a gingham ribbon can provide just the right touch of lightness to the occasion.

A gingham ribbon can be used for various purposes aside from weddings. Gifts are often made special when the ribbons used have a particular meaning or if the recipient has a fondness for its color or design. Household essentials like curtains are made more attractive when tied with gingham ribbons. Of course, other designs such as houndstooth ribbon or paisley ribbon can do the job as well but a gingham check ribbon provides a homey feel. Also, gingham ribbons look neater. These versatile ribbons can make any crafting project look more personal and pretty. Like most popular ribbon designs, gingham ribbons come in different widths. They can be bought at most craft and specialty stores. You can also check out the internet for sources that can give you the most value for your money when you need to buy it by bulk.

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