Honeymoon Travel Packages

A honeymoon is what married couples always look forward to. Whether they’ve just been married or already celebrating their silver or golden wedding anniversary, going on a romantic honeymoon is one effective way of getting intimate and spending quality time with your loved one.

If your plan is to visit another country or just explore the exciting places in your very own country, there are numerous types of honeymoon travel packages available to couples today. You can choose to go by land, by air or by sea depending on your personal preference and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

All inclusive package – This type of honeymoon travel package normally includes everything from your transportation to food and accommodation to tours within the area. All you have to do is travel to your preferred destination and upon your arrival, leave everything to the resort or hotel where you have booked to do the rest to make your holiday the most relaxing and memorable for you and your partner. If you want convenience, this is an ideal package for your honeymoon.

Cruise tour – Many couples also choose to go on a cruise because of the opportunity to visit several places in one trip. You get to hop from one island to another or stop over from one country to another. Traveling on a ship is also relaxing and never boring as you also get entertained on board through the various activities provided by the crew.

Land trip – If you don’t mind traveling by land to a great destination, you can always do this on your honeymoon. There are packages being offered that includes exciting land tours to nature parks and reserves.

In terms of tours, there are also different types to consider. This will be dependent on what places you and your partner would like to explore during your honeymoon.

Adventure tour – This is perfect for the sporty and adventurous couples. This type of package can include sports activities that can be done in the waters and on land such as hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, paragliding, windsurfing and diving.

Customized tour – If you have a special itinerary or activity that you’d like to do, you can request for this type of honeymoon travel package depending on your budget. This is ideal for couples celebrating a special occasion during their holiday and perfect for those planning a romantic time in their chosen honeymoon destination.

Romantic tour – Going on a European honeymoon can be very romantic. Ideal countries to include in your itinerary are Italy, Greece, France and Spain. Visiting these places can give you a lifetime worth of great memories with your partner that you can share with your children and grandchildren.

Cultural tour – Honeymooners need not just focus on themselves during their holiday because they can enjoy a cultural experience as well if they want to. Europe offers a rich culture that people will never get tired of and you can discover this during your honeymoon.

So plan ahead and choose the most appropriate honeymoon travel package that fits your personal style and budget.

Satria Permadi

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