How to Address the Wedding Invitations

Sometimes, planning a wedding can be very stressful. If you have left everything until the last minute, you could get to your wedding day and you might find that you can’t even enjoy it.

This is because the build up to the wedding has been so stressful, that you haven’t had one minute to enjoy the fact that you are getting married. You will have been running around madly, in the build up to the wedding.

The trick is to be organised. As soon as you have set a date and booked the venue, you need to make a list of everything that has to be done before the wedding can take place.

Pass this list to your bridesmaids, or best man and let them know that if there is something that you need doing, then they are going to be helping.

People tend to forget about the invitations because they are so busy with everything else and then when it is time to hand out invitations, they are stuck because they don’t have any. However, it is important not to panic. There is always time to get the invitations done.

Order Online
If you know that you are not going to have time to sit there, design the invitations, make them and then address them, then you will have to hire someone else to do it for you.

You will get the best value for money online. Just give yourself an hour to pick your entire wedding stationary. You can choose from designs on the website and you can even have them personalised. When they are delivered, they might be ready to send out.

However, you might not know how wedding invitations are supposed to be address. If you are worried about this, read on for some more information and you have done the right thing by researching it.

Addressing the Invites
How you address the invites depends on whom you are inviting. If they are a married couple, then you use Mr and Mrs, and then use their last name. If they are married, but they have different last name, then you will use Mr and Ms and follow each title with their selected surname.

Similarly, if you are inviting a couple that are not married then you would use Mr and Miss, but you would follow their titles with their full name and you would separate the names with a comma, rather than using the word ‘and.’

If you are inviting a single person, then addressing the envelope is easy. You use their preferred title and then you would follow it with their full name. You might even want to ask them if they want to bring a guest. If you do, you simply write, and guest,’ after their name.

It is generally frowned upon to just use first names on the invites because it is a formal event. However, it is your wedding and you can write what you want on the invites. If your wedding is less formal, then you are within your rights to only have first names on the invites and it would not look out of place. Just try and make the parents invites a bit more professional because they tend to keep them and have them framed.

For the envelope, you should use the same names and titles that you have on the invitations and it should go without saying that you put their full address on the front. If they are returning the invite to you, you should include a return envelope with your address on the front.

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