Important Things to Consider At Lingayat Weddings

Lingayat or Kannada weddings are quite simple. They have a few rituals and customs. They do not prefer lavish weddings. This is because they are simple people. However, a few exceptions have turned out. You will see that Lingayat matrimony also encourages destination weddings and fusion foods. Thus, you can say that even they have become quite advanced and cater to what the guests need. However, even though, if they opt for simple weddings, it is fun to see the rich culture that they display and at the same time the authentic food that they serve.

Some important things you should know

The very first pre-wedding ceremony is the one where the card is written in the name of God and God is invited to attend the wedding. This is called as Nandi. The first card is placed in the temple. This means that all the evils or hurdles that would come in the wedding would be postponed or removed.

There is also a wedding ritual called as Kashi yatra in this. Kashi yatra is a ritual in which the groom stands up in between the wedding ceremony and says that he has to go for Kashi Yatra. But the maternal uncle of the bride stops him and says that he should rather get married and he stops him.

Just like in other castes, there is Haldi ceremony too. In Haldi, oil and turmeric powder is to be applied on the bride as well as the groom. There is one more interesting thing you need to know about. In Lingayat matrimony, you will find that there would also be a ritual wherein the goods that would be used for the wedding ceremony would be put in front of Lord Ganesha.

Of course, just like the other castes, you will also come across saptapadi which means sever pheras or rounds of fire. The couple would make seven promises in front of one another and this would mean that their life would prosper ahead and things would be in their favor.

These weddings are simple

Lingayat weddings are quite simple. They just follow the rituals. But now, things have changed for better. You will find that even they would keep some lavish things in the wedding. Also, they don’t mind going ahead for the destination wedding too. Soon after saptapadi you will see that the groom ties the mangalsutra in the neck of the bride. After that, they would seek blessings from the parents of both the party as well as the other elders. This would bring an end to the wedding ceremony. But there are some interesting post wedding ceremonies too. Even though these weddings are simple, you will see that there would be very interesting rituals that you will come across. Also, these rituals would be culturally enriching and also your knowledge will be advanced.

The wedding is the time when the bride and the groom come together and unite for life. This is the deep meaning of the wedding. The wedding is therefore an important occasion.

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