June: Why Is It the Most Popular Wedding Month?

June is the most popular month for weddings. My close friend chose to tie the knot in June with her American fiancé at the Manila Cathedral. It was the fourth wedding that day at the Cathedral and two more weddings were scheduled in the evening. I could understand the harassed and famished look on the faces of the officiating priest and his altar boys during the ceremony. I began to wonder why some couples in the Philippines choose to exchange wedding vows in June when circumstances are not in their favour.

Firstly, June marks the beginning of the rainy season and typhoon visits in the archipelago. Secondly, students are back to school in June so expenses are in high gear. Thirdly, invited guests are not on vacation from school or work so few may not show up for the wedding. Lastly, diseases like dengue fever, influenza and typhoid are rampant in the rainy month of June. So why do couples in the Philippines choose this awkward time to wed?

Perhaps, there is some magic in being called a June bride or some good luck attributed to a June wedding. But the popularity of June as the wedding month originated from the West where couples had their own unique reasons for exchanging wedding vows during this month.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage

June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. Couples chose to honour this goddess by marrying in June. It was also believed that Juno will bring them happiness and prosperity if they wed in her month.

Annual Bath

In medieval times, people bathed only once a year. Bathing was not considered a necessity. The annual bathing was done during the last part of May or early part of June. Immediately after bathing, many couples wed while they were still clean and presentable.

Harvest Time

If couples wed in June, a summer pregnancy was possible for the women. This meant they can still help in the harvest period before fall time since they would not be too far along in their pregnancy.

Fine Weather

June brings in warmer weather for an outdoor wedding. Everyone is also on vacation so it would be more convenient for guests to partake of the celebration.

Bridal Flowers

A wide array of flowers is available in June. Flowers give off enough fragrance for the occasion and are sold cheaper in June.

There you go-a mix of history and practicality as the driving force behind this modern-day trend. August and September come close behind in the popularity list. That is as far as the West is concerned.

In the Philippines, however, many couples are beginning to re-think the practicality angle, especially in these times. They don’t want to start a family on zero balance or get wet too early for the honeymoon. More and more couples are choosing December or January to exchange wedding vows. Christmas is the season of love and the cold weather brings a romantic air to the occasion. Finances are also up during this time with all the bonuses and the spirit of giving. I should know. I got married in January.

To all engaged couples, all my best wishes!

Satria Permadi

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