Move Over Cake Boss, Introducing Crystal Rhinestone Cake Banding

Most of us are not especially talented when it comes to wedding cake decorating. Unless you have an artistic flair and the patience of a saint, wedding cakes should be left to the professionals. Well move over “Cake Boss” here comes the piece de resistance in cake decorating, crystal rhinestone cake banding. These stunning crystal bands will transform you into a pastry artist and turn a simple 3 tier cake into a piece of bakery art. Create a sparkle effect that is truly blingtastic!

You have the reception hall, you have ordered the flowers, the gowns are magnificent and the rings are beautiful but now we need to find the perfect cake.The choices are endless and so are the price tags.The selections can be somewhat overwhelming and the bottom line, in most instances,comes down to the cost. Let’s face it, in today’s economy we all want the most “Bang for your Buck”. The clincher is that we also want the least expensive and the best quality and that can be a little tricky.

With crystal rhinestone banding you don’t need to compromise on quality or presentation and it’s affordable.

There is one option that neither compromises on quality or presentation,crystal rhinestone cake banding. The best crystal rhinestones come from Czechoslovakia. These gorgeous beauties are formed into ribbons and these ribbons are wrapped around each tier of the wedding cake to form an absolutely stunning presentation. You can transform a plain 3 tier cake into a elegant wedding cake by applying these ribbons around the base of each tier. Stunning!

Some wedding cakes are luxuriant masterpieces and come with an elaborate price tag. This doesn’t need to be the case if rhinestone cake bands are applied. These crystal ribbons will be the only accent you will need to transform your plain cake into a scrumptious beauty. The most important thing to remember when purchasing these ribbons is to buy crystal Czech rhinestones. These crystals are manufactured in the Czech Republic. They are leaded crystal machine cut stones and have been comparable to Swarovski and the cost is considerably less. The banding is made with premium, pointed back machine cut crystals in a silver setting. These rhinestones are the most brilliant and have been compared to the brilliance of real diamonds.

With all it’s beauty and elegance we also need to remember that the cutting the cake is the first thing a couple does as a married couple. Since the presence of the wedding cake is not only symbolic as the creation of a new family unit but also as a stunning integral part of the reception.

Whatever the traditions are, creating an elaborate affair can be attained without the elaborate price tag. Rhinestone cake banding is a touch of sophistication and elegance without the unprecedented price tag. We, at Naturally Gifted, offer these elegant ribbons at affordable prices.

Add some glitz and glamour to your special day and make your event sparkle!

Satria Permadi

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