Perfect Gifts For a Memorable Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are parties given to a bride prior to her wedding. This custom originated in the US, amidst speculations that it really started in Belgium (Brussels) in the year 1860. The bridesmaids are the ones who normally plan these showers.

The bridal shower custom can be linked to the previous dowry practices of poor communities who do not have enough money to give a dowry for the bride. Another instance is when the father declines to provide his daughter a dowry due to disapproval of her marriage.

Centuries ago, such situations would call for the help of the bride’s friends. They will gather together to bring gifts as compensation for the dowry.

In the US, bridal showers actually started within the urban areas, among the upper middle class during the 1890s. It was only during the 1930s when these bridal showers spread throughout rural America.

Today, bridal showers are a celebration of the upcoming wedding. It is given as a tribute to the bride who will become a missus soon.

Here are some of the perfect gifts you can give for a memorable bridal shower.

Wedding Day Survival Kit
This Wedding Day Survival Kit from Philosophy consists of a beautiful set of Purity, Grace and Hope essentials. It includes 1 ounce jar of Hope, 2 ounce jar of Purity Made Simple, 2 ounces of Amazing Grace Shampoo (3 in 1), a shower gel, and a 2 ounce Amazing Grace Hand Cream. The bride will surely be very beautiful and radiant on her wedding day and honeymoon.

Home Spa Gift Set
The Home Spa Gift Set from Water Lilies & Lotus contains a relaxing basket full of Water Lilies & Lotus Spa Accessories. This includes a White Mesh Body Sponge, 2 Soap Squares, an 8 ounce Scented Bath Salt from Water Lilies & Lotus, 8 ounce Scented Bubble Bath from Water Lilies & Lotus, a 9.1 ounce Scented Body Lotion from Water Lilies & Lotus and an 8.8 ounce Scented Soap Bar from Water Lilies & Lotus. The package also has a Sisal Body Scrubber, a 12 ounce Scented Shower Gel from Water Lilies & Lotus, a wooden back brush, Scented Bath Tea from Water Lilies & Lotus and a Blue Bath Sponge. Lastly, a Blue Bath Mitt, some Potpourri and Spa slippers are also indicated.

This is a perfect gift to relieve the bride of stress. She will be truly pampered using this spa set.

Chic & Elegant Wedding and Anniversary Guest Book
This Chic & Elegant Wedding and Anniversary Guest Book is an excellent way in preserving the wishes of happiness and love of guests. Its brushed silver covering is personalized with the name of the couple as well as the wedding date.

This guest book contains a total of 40 heavyweight pages with 40 lines. The back and front covers have a tan “suede” type of material for binding.

Choosing the best bridal shower gifts depends greatly on the personality of the bride. You can opt for the more useful gift, like things the couple can use for their future home once married. You can also go for something that a bride can use to beautify herself.

Satria Permadi

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