The Advantages of Hiring Local Wedding Photographers For Destination Wedding

You have planned your dream wedding at an exotic wedding destination and are really excited about it. But you are stuck at one major decision regarding what to do about the photographer – do you fly a destination wedding photographer to your wedding destination or do you hire a local wedding photographer there. There are pros and cons associated with both. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Which is advantageous – hiring local photographers or taking you personal photographer?

If you are planning a wedding at a faraway exotic destination, in most cases you will be depending on your wedding planner present there or the resort management where you will be having your wedding for these things. It might not be possible for you to visit the place in advance or to visit it more than once to check out how things are working out there.

Your local wedding/event planner might recommend local wedding photographers for your wedding but they might not be the best. In most cases these recommendations are more based on personal relations than on the output of the work. Though it might prove a friendly decision for your pocket but it might not definitely be the best. Wedding photographs will remain with you forever, so my personal opinion is to try for the best.

Flying in a destination wedding photographer with you seems to me the best option. You can meet the person in advance personally and decide whether you like his style or not. A chance which you will never get when you hire local photographers based on your event planner’s recommendations. Fly in your wedding photographer at least one day ahead of your wedding and let him stay at least two days after the event, so he gets ample time to shoot pre and post wedding snaps.

Flying in a wedding photographer definitely involves a lot of extra costs. Along with the photographer’s fees you will have to pay them to and fro air fare, hotel accommodation etc. Many people in order to reduce these costs arrange a cheaper accommodation for the photographer at the wedding destination. I personally do not think that is a very good idea. If you are taking the photographer with you, make sure he enjoys his stay; his content will show through his pictures.

How to find local destination wedding photographers?

But if you are going to hire local wedding photographers at the destination, make sure to interview at least three local photographers. Talk with them on phone; ask about their style, their tastes, their choices, plans about your wedding. Ask them to send you their portfolio online and also ask for referrals. If you event planner is recommending someone check up with your hotel what they think about the photographer. Does some homework before you decide whom to hire. After all you will be reliving your wedding through these photographs all your life so you definitely need to be sure about your decision.

Satria Permadi

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