The Post-Wedding Withdrawal

We hear about postpartum depression a lot, but did you know that a similar thing can happen to some women after they get married? Being engaged and a bride-to-be is such a magical time in a woman’s life that once the wedding is past, the honeymoon is over, and regular life kicks in, there can be a tremendous let-down. These are some tips on how to handle the post-wedding withdrawal.

Did you love being engaged? All the time spent planning your dream wedding, the people offering you best wishes and congratulations, getting all dressed up like a princess for a day – it can be a real thrill for some brides. Coming back down to real life after all of that can be a bit of an adjustment. Suddenly you are just another married lady, no longer a special bride, and that can be hard to take, especially for those who really got into the whole wedding thing. After it is all over, you may well find yourself thinking, “Now what?”.

For starters, you have a new marriage to nurture. Now that you will no longer be devoting your weekends to visiting bridal shows or having meetings with the caterer, you will have more time to spend with your significant other. This is a great opportunity to get back into the things that you have always enjoyed doing together and to discover new interests you can share. The beginning of a marriage is the perfect time to establish special rituals, such as a standing Friday night date or Sunday afternoons spent hiking.

Perhaps during the wedding planning process you found out that you have a real knack for throwing a great party. Beat the post-wedding blues by hosting a fabulous cocktail party or a formal dinner party for your friends. Make a real event of it, with mailed invitations, fancy food and drinks, elegant decorations, great music, and all the rest. It will be fun to put on a gorgeous dress with some of your bridal jewelry to play the role of gracious hostess. One tip: just because you are married now does not mean you have to only invite couples to your parties. There can be a tendency for newlyweds to gravitate away from their old single friends without even meaning to, so don’t let that happen to you.

If what you miss about your days as an engaged woman is feeling special and pampered, a great way to fight the post-wedding withdrawal is to treat yourself to a little pampering. Indulge in a manicure at a posh salon, get a massage, or go to a department store for a complimentary makeup lesson. Another thing that a lot of new wives like to do is to get a new haircut. After all, you are entering a new phase in your life, so why not do it with a new sophisticated hairstyle? These little indulgences will help you maintain that glow that you felt when you were a bride.

By the way, there is nothing wrong about wanting to spend time reminiscing about your wedding after the fact. Another way to help combat the post-wedding let-down is to make a scrapbook and savor all of those wonderful wedding memories. As long as you don’t let it become your only interest, it is perfectly fine to pore over all those lovely pictures of you and your husband at your wedding. It’s even okay to look at the photos of yourself in your wedding gown and bridal jewelry and think “Wow, I looked good!”. Just be sure not to drag out the wedding albums every time someone comes over for months after the wedding, because it can quickly grow old to friends. It is perfectly normal to want to relive your beautiful wedding memories over in your head, just so long as you also move on to enjoying your wonderful new life as a married woman.

Satria Permadi

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