The Wedding Reception Table Centerpiece – How To Decide Who Takes One Home

Everybody expects to be taking some sort of wedding favor home but the wedding reception table centerpiece is a favor that is especially coveted. Making a game of who gets the centerpiece should get more of your guests involved in the games and it is an easy way to clean up some of the tables. Giving the centerpieces as a prize ensures that everyone has the same chance to take one home. Here are some ideas for giving away your wedding reception table centerpiece.

1. Make a list of questions and award the winner of each one with a centerpiece. Your MC or DJ could ask the questions and the first one to answer correctly gets to choose their centerpiece. The questions could be about the bride and groom or any subject you like. You could also give each guest a pen and paper to write their answers then go from 1st place to 5th place or more.

2. Probably the most popular way that brides give away the centerpiece is a simple one. Each guest is given a number and throughout the evening numbers are called out and the person with a matching number is the winner.

3. Let’s make a deal style give away would require a guest to produce a particular item. It could be a 1976 nickel, business card or 10 dollar bill, whatever the item you choose, if the guest can pull it from their pocket or purse they win.

4. The centerpiece could simply go to the oldest person at the table. Or some other specific like the person that traveled the furthest to get there or has the closest birthday to the wedding date or that of the bride or groom.

5. The DJ can announce a game of pass the dollar bill. Just like musical chairs the bill is passed around the table and when the song stops the person holding the dollar bill is the winner.

6. Sell raffle tickets to each interested guest picking numbers during the reception and awarding the centerpiece to the winner. Money from the sale could help the bride and groom pay for their honeymoon or some other need.

7. Hold an auction, you do not need to do this with each centerpiece but could sell off a few. All the proceeds go towards the newlyweds honeymoon or some other good cause.

8. Mark the bottom of one chair at each of the tables, sometime during the reception you could announce that the person in the chair, to the right of the chair or whatever gets to take home the centerpiece.

Naturally not everyone will want to take home a centerpiece, but many women at the reception will be wondering whether they can or not.

You could simply give your reception table centerpieces to family and friends that have been supportive, or members of your wedding party. Donating them to a local nursing home or hospital is another option.

The type of centerpiece you use on the wedding reception tables will help you decide how you want to distribute them. The ideas here are to provide fun ways to get your guests involved and having fun. Make your wedding reception unique and memorable by getting all the guests involved and having a good time.

Satria Permadi

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