Tips on Which Bridal Headdresses Suits Short Hair

So, you’ve got things organised but are wondering which headdress will suit your short, sleek and chic hairstyle!

To be honest, short hairstyles to me are the easiest to work with when it comes to bridal headdresses. You can pretty much go for whatever you want and it will look dazzling! As long as you work with your hair colour and the colour theme of your wedding day you won’t go far wrong. Let’s talk about some of the bridal headdresses out there that you can choose from.

Vintage is big news at the moment and it doesn’t show any signs of leaving us soon! Take for example the classic tiara style headdress. These more often than not vary in height but are predominantly made using crystals of some description. Some of the lovely crystal tiaras are made using Swarvoski crystals and now can be made in whatever colour you can think of. Why not find a company who can lift this classic design onto the next level for you by incorporating some vintage piece of jewellery to make it totally unique to you. Maybe you could ask your Mum or Grandmother if they have any pieces of fine or costume jewellery that you could ‘borrow’ to incorporate into your bridal headdress. This is such a lovely idea and some of the pieces out there are truly stunning. If your short hair is sleek and controlled then a hair vine wrapped around your head looks truly breathtaking. This style shows any bridal headdress off to its best and it will sparkle and shimmer at every turn. Why not opt for a fresh water pearl headband, the height of simplistic beauty but add to it a fresh rose or lily and you have yourself a unique, fresh, fun and brilliantly cost effective headdress! Don’t underestimate fresh flowers for this season and beyond. Bridesmaids with flower circlets look stunning and again are cost effective yet beautiful.

If your short hair is luscious untamed curliness then the classical tiara with some added height looks fantastic and at the moment you will be hearing about two different headdress variants, one that incorporates vintage wax flowers and one that incorporates the purity of lace! To have a hair vine (this is a headdress that seemingly floats in your hair with detail either across the whole band or just down one side or even asymmetrical sometimes) crammed full of vintage wax flowers wrapped around your hair will not only flatter your style but will peep through pure vintage charm and is guaranteed to be a talking point! What about the lace? Well this can be carefully hand dyed using natural dyes to create a vintage look to it and add to this fresh water pearls and a few Swarvoskis and you have yourself a stunning vintage inspired headdress.

Remember, just like the dress you will likely know which headdress is the right one for you and your hairstyle. It’s a good idea to take your hair stylist with you to one of your fittings and that way you can try your headdress with your dress and different styles to see which one feels the best. Enjoy!

Satria Permadi

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