Tips To Avoid Wedding Flower Disaster

Your wedding day is probably going to be considered one of the most important days in your life. Getting all of the extensive plans ironed out is critical to the relative success of the day. The day can be overwhelming as everything from attire, food, guests, venue, and especially finances must be accounted for. One of the most important elements of the whole day are the floral arrangements. While many individuals would not think that this is something of concern, flowers demand extensive planning and can often run the wedding party a financial crush.

Let’s consider some helpful tips that can prevent a wedding flower disaster from occurring

Over Prepare:

Choosing your florist with ample time before the wedding is key! Since flowers are, more often than not, priced and chosen according to season, wedding florists need a good amount of time to plan their hefty schedules. You will want to make sure the florist is not over booking you and takes a down payment to confirm your business.

Make sure that everything from type of flower, color, size, arrangement, amount, are correct and in the process of being accounted for. The morning of the big day is arguably the main stressor, so much preparation should be accounted for on this morning.

Be Careful with Lilies:

Lilies are one of the most popular options for flowers on the big day. They are chosen based on their look and fragrance, specifically the Stargzers, but the pollen on these can be a challenge. Should any of this pollen land on the bride’s white gown, a large orange stain will more than likely be visible. This is the ultimate disaster for the bride and, what’s worse, it is incredibly difficult to extract from the fabric. The florist, or you, should cut or remove the pollen from the bride’s bouquet so as not to result in dress disaster.


The worst thing that could happen, regarding timing, on the wedding day would be flowers arranged too early. By the time of the reception, they might be drooping in lifeless fashion. Any flowers that should not be set in water should be made and arranged that morning in order to detract limp and sagging flower displays. A mister is also something that will be helpful on the day of the affair, helping to make the flowers appear fresh with water droplets. Sometimes, the florist will spray the arrangements with a special preservative to reduce water loss and lifeless sagging.

Satria Permadi

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