Tired Of Shaving And Waxing? Try Laser Removal – A Permanent Solution

While many are content to wax or shave the hair from their bodies, and they are effective methods, why not permanently remove hair with laser hair treatment? It’s a safe and approved method for hair removal with great results and many benefits.

Benefit 1 – precision

Laser hair treatment or removal is very precise. The laser targets only one follicle at a time and the skin surrounding it is unaffected. Many wonder how laser hair treatment works. When hairs are in the antigen stage, which is the first stage of growth or active it works best. The laser is pointed at the follicle only and the heat or energy from it heats the follicle and inhibits it from growing anymore.

Benefit 2 – Effectiveness

Laser hair treatment has been around for almost 20 years! It’s approved by the FDA as a safe method for permanent hair removal. Permanent meaning long-term reduction in the number of hairs that regrow after following a regime that’s set forth by whomever is doing the treatments.

While it’s stated that it is permanent, people must keep in mind that there’s no guarantee it’ll work on all hair; because as stated before it must be caught in its early stage to be most effective. If one goes around once a month for treatment, then there will be a huge reduction in the amount of hair that actually grows back. Reports that it is very little and not as course have been made.

Benefit 3 – Save Time

Shaving and waxing is very time-consuming, and must be done one to several times per week. With the amount of working people, no one has time between responsibilities and trying to enjoy themselves to worry about being hair-free every couple days. The laser used for the treatment targets several hairs at once, and the service in its entirety takes around half an hour depending on surface area to be covered.

Further, there’s no cleanup after the procedure. One can just get up and go and carry on with their daily routine.

Benefit 4 – Little or No Pain

Laser hair treatment discomfort varies from person to person. This is simply because everyone reacts differently. Those who have undergone treatments refer to it as feeling like a gentle, warm pinch. Of course, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others but when compared to the pain of shaving (razor bumps and nicks) and waxing, it is minimal.

Further, laser hair treatment has been reported as reducing the chance of having ingrown hairs. Anyone that has suffered an ingrown hair on their legs, underarms or anywhere hair grows knows they are extremely painful. They are caused when the hair is unevenly broken with a sharp tip. They even come from waxing! This can all be avoided with laser treatments.

Check for References

Most everyone that’s gone through laser hair removal will tell everyone how amazing the results are. It pays to check in with family and friends to see if they’ve ever tried it, as it’s not something that everyone brags about. See how they liked it and what their results have been like since the treatment. The best advice is that which comes from someone known.

If there’s no one known that’s undergone treatment, then why not be the first? Trust the FDA and studies that it’s a more effective method for hair removal than anything else, then reap the rewards. If planning on going to a local spa for the treatment, make sure they have good reviews and references. The more satisfied customers they have, the greater the chance that you’ll be happy with the results.

Satria Permadi

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