Wedding Colour Themes For Autumn and Winter Weddings

Now that you are engaged and you have completed the guest list, you need to start considering what colour themes that will be central to your wedding.

But, before you make a decision you must first consider your groom. Think about his colourings and consider which colours he would look good in. Then, think about your bridesmaids. Not all ages of bridesmaid will look their best in every colour and equally it is important to consider body shapes and sizes as well as skin tones and hair colour. Lastly, pay close attention to the dominant colours in the room where the reception will take place as these may affect your choice.

The most popular colour choice for Autumn and Winter weddings is still burgundy. It is probably because of the classy, regal and opulent feel this colour has that has ensured it has lasted the test of time. Depending on the depth of the shade, burgundy tends to suit most skin colours and hair colour. Take care if you have a blonde bridesmaid with pale skin though as this colour can be a little draining if it is too dark. This colour is always best matched with deep cream colours as well as gold tones. Keep accessories and flowers cream and gold in colour as well as table decorations. This ensures that the burgundy dresses stand out and do not dominate the other areas of detail.

Much as burgundy is an ever-popular choice, recent polls have hinted that chocolate tones are becoming a more common colour theme. Whether it be chocolate rose petals scattered on reception tables, chocolate ribbon tied on placecards and wedding stationery or bridesmaid dresses, this is definitely a great colour for this time of year. Some brides have reported though, that when some bridesmaid dresses were photographed in poor light, the dresses appeared almost black, so watch our for this.

If you are looking for a more traditional Winter wedding, then why not go flat out and make red your dominant colour theme? It does not need to look tacky if you are careful with the shades of red that are used. Best to stay away from cherry reds in the winter and stick with deep reds that can be teamed with rich creams. You may even choose to have some red on your dress bodice if you are a daring bride. And why not, if you can’t be the belle of the ball on your wedding day, then when can you be?

Perhaps you are looking for a safer colour option, in which case join forces with thousands of brides who opt for a traditional gold. No matter how you do this, you can’t possibly go wrong. Gold and ivory always oozes class and sophistication and naturally suits all skin tones. There is always such a vast selection of bridal accessories, table decorations, wedding stationery, jewellery and favours available that will blend brilliantly with any gold wedding theme. Equally, in years to come when you look back at your wedding photographs, this colour will not age and look old fashioned. This means that your future kids will think you are really cool – and that has to be a winning factor for choosing a gold wedding theme doesn’t it!?

Satria Permadi

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