Wedding Photography – Poses and Must Take Shots

The following are events that should be recorded by the photographer during a typical wedding day. There will be some things that are not listed here because no two events are exactly alike. If there are important events happening at the event you are shooting that are not listed here, you need to take those pictures as well.

Take these shots of the Bride at home or the bridal party meeting place:

Applying makeup or fixing hair

Putting on garter with a couple of other ladies around

Fully dressed with mother or parents

Fully dressed alone holding flowers..full length

With Bridesmaids (if space and time allow)

Leaving for the church

Entering or near limo or car, ready to head to church (with maid of honor if possible)

At the church:

Arriving at the church (Bride)


Waiting at the church. (usually in a back room or office.)

Posed shot with groomsmen

With the best man


Each member of wedding party coming down aisle. (If you miss someone because they are moving too fast, just focus on the next one).

Bride-to-be coming down the aisle. Under no circumstances should you miss this shot. Take 3 or 4 in case eyes are closed in one.

Whole wedding party at altar (if possible)

Bride and Groom

At or around altar during ceremony. Take various shots from different angles. In front of them and behind them.

Exchanging rings.

First kiss: Please be ready for this. Take more than one if possible. Be in position because guests will start getting out of their seats to get this shot.

Leaving altar: Take several shots while backing up.

At reception line (if there is one)

Wedding party on church steps or in front of entrance

Couple posed in and around limo or car.

Formal Pictures: Take several shots of each of these poses!

Entire wedding party together including ring bearers and flower girls. (sometimes a bride or groom will want to have some family members included. If they request it, do it and then take the wedding party without the family members, unless they are part of the wedding party)

Bride with and maids including flower girl(s)

Then with Maid of Honor

All the males in the party including ring bearer

Groom and Best Man.

Newlyweds together: Take a lot of shots of these poses. They are money shots and will increase your sales if done properly.

The New Mr. and Mrs. with certain family members. Try to keep this to parents, grandparents, or immediate family members. Let the couple know that taking pictures with every relative or friend at this point would be time consuming and slow down the days proceedings. You can get shots of other family members and friends during the reception.

Bride alone: Take several different images. These are money shots.

Groom alone: Once again, take numerous shots

At the Reception:

Wedding party members entering the reception hall.

Bride and Groom entering the reception. Take several shots.

Toasts. Take pictures of person doing toast with the newly married couple in the shot if possible.

First Dance: Take several shots from different angles.

Cutting the cake: Take a picture of the cake before it is cut. Then pose cutting the cake. (be ready for shots like them feeding each other or smearing cake on each others faces)

Take pictures of the newlyweds with guests and friends at the reception hall. Some can be candid and some can be posed. Check with the bride and groom. They will let you know who they want pictures with or who they want pictures of. These shots can be taken during lulls in activity.

Throwing the bouquet:: Try to angle yourself so you catch the end of her throw and the women reaching out to grab the bouquet..

Groom throwing the garter

Couple waving goodbye: This can be taken inside or outside. If you are leaving before they do, just pose the shot and take it. No on will know the difference when the pictures come back.

This is by no means an all inclusive list. You should photograph as much as possible that will give an accurate record of the days events. Just be alert and keep shooting. Good Luck!

Satria Permadi

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