Wedding Reception Games – More Unique Ideas

There doesn’t seem to be any end to the number of games that can be invented or borrowed, to play at a wedding reception. Here are a few more ideas for the bride, groom or their attendants looking to add a bit of extra fun to the upcoming event.

What’s my line? – This is a variation of the TV game show where you try to guess what the contestant does for a living. We’re not really pitting your family against your friends in this game but you do need to have 2 sets of players where one set does not know much about the other set. Pre-select one friend and one family member as volunteers. These persons should each have an unusual job or profession.

For the first round, have the volunteer friend come up front or on stage. Have the rest of your guests, who don’t know him/her, ask up to 10 questions to determine what that person does. If possible, don’t let the same guest ask more than one eliminating question. If this round ends without the right answer, then have the friend explain what they do.

For the next round, have the volunteer family member come up and the guests that don’t know him/her get to participate. If this round ends without the right answer, then have the family member explain what they do.

If someone does guess the occupation, then an appropriate prize might be a wizard’s hat or a Ouija board game.

Name that tune – the DJ or orchestra plays a few bars of a song that is fairly common but not on the official reception play list. Be sure to play some tunes for the younger guests and some for the older guests. The winner of each round dances with the bride or groom.

Guess the ingredients – You will need your caterer’s permission and assistance for this game. Pick 1, 2, or 3 menu items that are being served at the reception. Have the caterer write down the ingredient list for them. Hand out paper and pencils to your guests and instruct them to write what they think is in each of the foods. Guests with the closest guesses for each item win an appropriate prize like a set of gourmet spices, sauces, etc. Your DJ or someone in the wedding party can act as the judge/announcer.

Does the band know this song? – like “stump the band” on David Letterman – a good DJ can make this very funny. Your guests volunteer obscure song titles to the band or DJ. The band/DJ can either attempt to play the real song by that name or fake it. If the band doesn’t get it right, the guest has to sing at least a few bars of the real song.

How Many Words? – Give a paper and pencil to each guest. Take the names of the bride and groom and write them in large letters on an easel or white board. See how many words the guests can create from the letters in their names in a set time limit. For example MelissaJohn gives the words: mesa, josh, missal, noses…. Score based on the number of words, or use Boggle scoring where 4 letter words are 1 point, 5 letter words are 2 points, etc. If children are playing then you may allow 3 letter words at ½ point, etc.

If there is a wordsmith in the wedding party, that person can check the guests’ word lists for non-words and tally the scores. Otherwise, guests can score themselves. In the case of a tie, offer “we’re married” with a 2 minute time limit as the tie breaker. Present an appropriate prize to the winner like a Boggle or Scrabble game with a hand written note of accomplishment from the bride and groom.

Satria Permadi

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