What to Wear in the Iyer Wedding?

Indian marriages are well-known for their colorful customs and rituals. In fact the beauty of the Indian Iyer wedding is they start wedding preparations a week before wedding day. Indian weddings differ from state to state and town to town. Their attire and customs are just not the same in the country. In India, weddings is not a contract, it is a promise to be with each other at every phase of life. The strong bond that a man and a woman share with each other completes each other and overcome their weaknesses. It is a tradition that brings stability and substance in each other’s life. Weddings are the physical, mental and spiritual compilation of two souls.

Attire for the bride:
There is a wide range of communities that exist in the Iyer community, such as the Nadar Keralites, the Tamil Brahmins and the Iyengars and many more. Every custom has unique attire for the brides. But most of the brides choose to wear a Kanjeevaram Sarees or the Tanjavour silk Sarees, the bridals usually prefer ethnic silk sarees that just looks perfect for them. The Iyengar bride has different sides and shades for her wedding. Unlike other south Indian brides, they don’t prefer simple Kanjeevaram Saree with any shade. They highly recommend a nine-yard Kanjeevaram silk saree with beautiful shades of red and green and have a sparkling zari border and lined with buta design work all over the saree.

Apart from the attire, jewelry is an important add-on that every bride has to wear. An integral part of the Iyengar bridal jewelry is the typical temple jewelry for every Indian bride that just attracts everybody to look at the bride and just one word wow. South India is a hub of attractive temples, folklore and the jewelry for the bride just reflects their rich tradition.

Usually the brides prefer to wear an amazing stone studded necklace and the matching earrings which are specially designed for the temple. White and saffron color flowers play an important role in the Iyengar weddings and area special part of the bride’s hair style. The flowers are beautifully wrapped around the braid which is generally too long and looks amazing with the attire. She also parts her hair from the middle wearing a Surya-kala and the Chandra-kala and pin her all hair with the Jadai-nigam, which has an eye pleasing design made with pearls, gemstones and gold and it is used to keep the braid on the place. It symbolizes sexuality, fertility and wealth when a bride is headed towards her new journey. The nethi is also worn by the bride as one of the part of her hair jewelry. An important part of the full attire is oddinayam, which is worn on the bride’s waist, designed to put the saree pleats on the place.

Attire for the groom:
The Attire for the groom is very simple as they will be in bare chest provided with veshti. Veshti is a long rectangular cloth, usually of white color, wrapped around the waist and the legs with a knot at the waist.

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