Why Doesn’t He Marry Me After He Proposed to Me? Learn Why Some Guys Withdraw Even After Proposing

One of the most frustrating moments in a woman’s life is when her boyfriend proposes to her but is in no great hurry to march her down the aisle! Not only is it disappointing but a woman tends to feel disillusioned and impatient! If your guy seems to have forgotten that he proposed to you these could be the reasons why!

He’s had second thoughts
One of the reasons as to why he has not followed up on his proposal could be because he has had second thoughts about the whole thing. As devastating it could be for the woman, it is essential to speak it out with him and find out if his feelings for her have changed since he proposed.

He thinks he has enough time to get you to the altar
Sometimes a man feels obliged to propose! The real fact is that he was never really ready for marriage but because his woman has been hinting and subtly suggesting that it was about time they tied the knot, he proposed on the spur of the moment! The sad thing is that he wants to wait till he is ready.

He is plagued by a thousand doubts
Even though he proposed to you it was only because he was emotionally moved and overwhelmed by your love and beauty. The romance of the moment got to him and he could not help proposing. The only thing is that now in the cold light of day, he finds himself plagued by a thousand doubts!

He suddenly feels insecure and afraid
Maybe your guy is not really mature enough to get married. Being impulsive and spontaneous, he proposed to you thinking it was the right thing to do. This does not help him to get away from the truth and that is – he is not ready to get into a long term relationship with you. If he feels afraid and insecure he will hesitate marrying you.

He is terrified of the responsibility
Marriage is for a couple who are totally convinced in their hearts that they are prepared to be accountable for their actions. They know that marriage means responsibility, kids and accountability. Therefore, if he is not prepared for the responsibility that is sure to be heaped on his shoulders, he will not marry you in a hurry.

He suddenly realizes that it means saying goodbye to bachelorhood
Many men find themselves in a jam because they suddenly realize that once they are married, they will have to say goodbye to bachelorhood. They can no longer enjoy the freedom and liberties of being “single”. This is enough reason to delay the actual marriage.

He is waiting for things to get more settled
Don’t forget that he has proposed to you. This means that he really loves you and wants to settle down with you. However if he finds that he needs to be more financially secure before he can marry you, he will wait a while before he is in a better position to provide for you.

Satria Permadi

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