Winter Wedding Favors and Christmas Wedding Favors in a July Wedding

Weddings are beautiful occasions. Two people in love decide to unite and spend the rest of their lives together. Plans are made, decorations ordered or made, a reception or wedding party is set, and hundreds of other activities take place. All of the couple’s friends are invited whether known to both the bride and groom or to one or the other. Everything is geared toward making this the most special occasion in the lives of the bride and groom, with extra emphasis being placed on making it special for the bride.

Most weddings are decorated with a theme of the bride’s choice. The wedding party is usually done in the same theme. One interesting trend is using themes diametrically opposed to the time and/or location of the wedding. People in landlocked areas may use a beach theme. More common is to decorate for the season directly opposite the current one. With July being the height of summer, and the hottest part of the year, a winter theme can be used to make the occasion even more memorable for all.

Often, a winter or Christmas theme is used to bring a cool feeling to a hot time of year. The decorations for winter and Christmas are generally more beautiful than those more directly associated with summer. Therefore, these are a better choice for brides who want this day to be as special and beautiful to those around them as it is to them.

Party favors are as much a part of decoration as they are a way to offer a small thank you gift to those in attendance. Winter wedding favors and Christmas wedding favors given at a July wedding will carry an especial significance. They contribute a great deal to the beauty of the occasion and make it a more festive occasion all around. Winter wedding favors can come in many forms and styles. Items with a snowflake theme are not uncommon. A selection of coffees and teas can be a welcome gift at any time of year. Christmas wedding favors can come in the form of ornaments, Christmas themed notepads, snowglobes, and others. Many of these winter wedding favors and Christmas wedding favors can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom, the date, and/or wedding photos. Such personalization of winter wedding favors and Christmas wedding favors for a July wedding will make these perfect keepsakes to call forth fond memories of the occasion because of the opposition of theme to time.

Giving party favors is a custom that has grown in popularity. Such party favors can be both a part of the decoration and act to make the occasion more festive. They also serve as thank you gifts for the guests. Having a special theme for the wedding decorations and party favors is a common practice. Couples marrying in July have been known to use winter or Christmas themes to contribute a greater festivity to the occasion. The opposition of theme to the time of year makes it a more memorable occasion as well. Personalization of some of the Winter wedding favors or Christmas wedding favors will make them even more special as gifts and contribute a greater value to the gifts. Winter wedding favors and Christmas wedding favors are beautiful gifts any time of year, even in July.

Satria Permadi

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