Yetunde Odugbesan Omede, An Excellent Leader of Positive Change and Great Influence!

One of the great leaders who have built her great influence to excellently pave an empowering future that the next generation is Yetunde Odugbesan. Yetunde Adeola Odugbesan is one that takes the lead! She has no doubt that it is her duty to smile upon others, inform and bring them to their feet to be supremely excellent of their kind.

She is a passionate and consistent Nigerian-American leader who is truly a person of influence. Her influence is inspiring change all over the continent. Born and raised in New Jersey, United States of America; Yetunde who dreamt of becoming a President or an Ambassador when she was in elementary school is leading the way in every relevant occasion. She has maximized the favourable occasion to increase her favourable influence.

From being a high-flying academic achiever in the elementary school to the captain of her high school’s basket ball teams and from being the captain of the Varsity cheer-leading team to the President of the student government, Yetunde has exerted her influence without exception.

Yetunde Odugbesan is an embodiment of influence and change! She is one of those who run the wheel of positive leadership change especially for Africa and its female folks. She is a rarity of beauty who smiles upon others to take initiatives. An audacity of integrity whose passion reflects her desire to see African women get empowered and take their place. A personality of exceptionality who does achievements that are out of this world.

Yetunde is a confident woman who has made a difference for the time to come through becoming an outstanding leader in this day and age. Within and outside the school, Yetunde has actively given her genius the recognition it deserves. She was a first class student ambassador and an unfailing honor roll student. Her confidence has always given her a place in different leadership capacities; increasing her favourable influence at every favorable occasion.

Yetunde Odugbesan has a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Media studies with a double honor in organizational leadership and Africana studies from Rutgers University. Yetunde received her Master’s degree in Global affairs with a concentration in international law from the same institution of higher learning.

She is a graduate of the United Nation Worldview Institute, an executive training programme for global business professionals in the field of Global Business and International Affairs. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation in Global Political Economy at Rutgers University, the division of Global Affairs. She is focusing on political corruption and its effect on governmental performance and social services being delivered by local and state government.

Yetunde Odugbesan believes that corruption affects the lives of many worldwide. She has no doubt that it affects the manner in which decisions are made in all levels of government, as it manipulates political institutions of government. And most importantly it infringes on the human rights of people. She also believes that, the political and economic decay caused by corruption results in problems which causes social, economic and political unrest. And this reduces the structures and strategies for fighting hand-to-mouth existence, to nothing. Her work when completed will address corruption on basic citizen needs and human rights.

Yetunde Odugbesan has created real change and made her mark in leadership Yetunde was the President of Rutgers University Student Association of Global Affairs and Vice-President of Rutgers Graduate Student Government Association. She was the President and founding member of Sigma Lota Rho National Honor Society for International Relations Rutgers University Chapter.

She was the founder of the poetry club and the Assistant Editor for Public Performance and Management Review. Yetunde Odugbesan is an excellent leader of positive change whose influence is impacting lives.

Yetunde sits on various boards that temper the wind to the shorn lamb when it comes to the social and economic issues in various Africa countries. She sits on the Board of Trustee for Red Thread Foundation for Women, Board Member of New York Needs You. She is a New Leaders Council Fellow; a Board Member of Countless Philanthropic foundations and humanitarian organizations. She is a member of Global Women Leadership Collaborative.

Yetunde is a member of the 101% society, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, United Nations Association of New York, Young Professionals for international cooperation, and mentor coach for various organization.

She is involved in the Clinton Global Initiative Annual and University meeting. Yetunde is a search committee member for Rutgers University Presidential Search. She is an extraordinary philanthropic and exceptional humanitarian. Yetunde is the Global Ambassador for Black Girls Unite Africa Inc.

Yetunde Odugbesan is an Adjust Faculty Member of Political Science of Rutgers University where she teaches comparative politics. This intelligent and beautiful leader is the founder and Executive Director of Young Women’s Guide. This organization provides young women with the tips, tools and resources to live a meaningful, purposeful and impactful life. The goal of the organization is to spread passion, raise awareness and offer solutions to and for young women. It provides mentorship opportunities, women empowerment conferences and favourable occasions to increase favourable influence through giving back to the society.

The organization gets involved with various philanthropic and humanitarian initiatives geared toward women and girls development. It also helps these women and girls pursue their guest for social and positive change. There are dispositions that inspire actions which get the generation better.

Yetunde has sweet but bold disposition that will empower you put your best foot forward. Her mission to pay it forward is paving an empowering future for the next generation. She is providing personal and professional advice through her online forum, putting your best self forward.

She believes that some people paid the price for us to be successful in this day and age. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that another child is given a chance to make a success. She holds the belief that the power of paying it forward will expose women to the right, favourable occasions and having the right support to live out their dreams. Thereby contributing positively to the development of Africa especially Nigeria and the progression of the global community.

Yetunde Odugbesan is a woman of influence; she is CEO and Founder of Yetunde Global Consulting. Yetunde Global Consulting is a management consulting firm that specializes in leadership development and training. It also focuses on developing organizational management and global business strategy for companies, firms, organizations and professionals. Her approach to leadership development inspires action and achieves results by developing leadership competencies, effective communication strategies and productivity. She is raising the bar of excellence and influence for executives, young professionals and entrepreneurs.

This strong and resilient woman loves what she does; her influence. Her passion for women and girl development, youth empowerment is mind-blowing. The way she promotes human and social welfare, and social entrepreneurship distinguishes her as one of the influential leaders who rule the world. She has achieved excellent goals and striking results that have made her a highly sought after leadership consultant. She has influenced lives, organizations and business with her self-assertive vision of positive change and real leadership.

Yetunde is a professor, entrepreneur, media personality humanitarian, philanthropist, author, international speaker and leadership consultant whose principles can give your life a new meaning. Yetunde Odugbesan has taken people, their business and organizations to the next level of leadership. She is a woman of honor whom everyone have come tot like and trust.

Yetunde has cemented her influence and increased her respect level through sponsoring women and inspiring them to become all-round success. She has turned her strength and skills into a special service that ensures that many have competitive advantage. Yetunde knows that she is a leader of influence and has therefore made herself very influential. She has created positive change and she does that differently. Her uniqueness and passion has attracted the reward of positive leadership.

She has been invited to the World Bank to speak at conferences and summits. Including the United Nations World Conference on the status of women, advocating for programs that will empower girls in Africa to realize who they really are. In my opinion, there is no doubt that Yetunde Adeola Odugbesan-Omede will be the right candidate to become the first female president of the biggest black nation in the world.

She has been hosted by various leaders in the Nigerian government from the First lady of Lagos State Hon. Mrs. Fashola to the Honourable Minister of Women Affairs – Iyom Josephine. She was also hosted by Nigeria’s 1st lady, Dame Patience Jonathan in Abuja, and other leaders who believe in her message of positive change, especially for the Youths and Women.

Yetunde believes in Nigerian Youths and sees them as the beacons of hope and change. This motivated her to take a three weeks trip to Nigeria in August, 2012. While in Africa’s most powerful nation, she took her time to impact lives of about five hundred students at the University of Ibadan. She empowered them on the importance of social value. She united and inspired them to make their lives count. She is a positive personality admired by the Youths globally.

Yetunde Odugbesan sees Africa as the next economic hub with glorious outlooks that inspire hope for more investments and future growth. She believes that if an African child is given the right education, the future leader will compete globally and be outstanding. In order to set the stage for the African child, to become more competitively advantage and an articulate leader; she spoke to the soul of the African child.

Yetunde traveled to South African! During her trip, she taught 7th graders life skills and emotional development at Amstelhof Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa. She is really an Ambassador; she is flying around the world changing lives even in the United States of America. She has influenced the world, especially Africa through pursuing her goals in all seriousness and bringing forth the best of potentials.

Yetunde Odugbesan is a creative force who is rewriting history with her influence. Yetunde is helping people develop themselves in order to reach their potential. She has invested so much in leadership development. She has made an incredible impact that has attracted so many people of prominence to her. Including the former President of the United States of America, President Bill Clinton, whom she has met with personally.

Like President Bill Clinton, she has given back so much to the world. Like Oprah Winfrey, her branding and philanthropy is enough to make you make statements without saying a word. Like President Barrack Obama, she says; yes we can and a country is going to develop base on how it treats its women. Like Michelle Obama, her sense of style, dedication and decorum is out of this world. Like Benazir Bhutto, she is the first and supremely excellent of her kind. Like Nelson Mandela, her focus and determination to leave her footprint on the soil of our time is life-changing.

She is indeed leaving a lasting impression and this lifestyle is called influence! Yetunde is a wise and strong-willed leader of change. Yetunde is an Ambassador of real leadership and a leader of positive change. Her influence speaks of positive change always and all the way.

Yetunde Odugbesan made the choice to be very influential at a young age. She has shattered the glass ceiling of the political, economic, business, academic and professional world. Her achievements are bigger than life. She is the recipient of numerous academic, leadership and public service awards. She has been listed as one of the 30 most intriguing Africans in New York by Applause Africa Magazine. She has been chosen as 1st out of the 20 most outstanding Nigerians by Eminent Leaders Magazine. And she was recently honored the 2013 Young Humanitarian Award by the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation in New Jersey.

Yetunde has maximized grace and time to become very influential. She is a true leader whose substance is excellence in every ambiance. She has co-authored a published book titled, “A call to serve: quotes on public service.” A masterpiece that is fostering a spirit of service and civic engagement and encouraging more people to public service. Yetunde has proved that more women can shattered the glass ceiling and develop habit of excellence to become powerful and influential.

She is happily married to her best friend, Osahon Omede, COO and Managing Director of Sammed Protective Services. Their wedding which planned to perfection took place in New Jersey, United States of America. What are you thinking about? I encourage and urge you to effect positive change now and enhance national transformation.

Satria Permadi

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